I’m 28 and I have just moved back in with my parents. Why?


I’ve had a great life so far. I’ve been lucky. I had a good upbringing and fondly remember my school years. I’ve also enjoyed an interesting and rewarding career. I have fantastic friends and family, and with them created some unforgettable memories. I have loved and been loved in return.

Recently, however, I started to feel a little bit off track. Almost like I was levelling off. I began to think about my future self. In the winter years of my life, what would I look back on and remember? Would I see a life of adventure and exploration? Or someone who got to 28 and then petered out a little.

I decided to shake things up. In the last couple of years, I’ve been taking an interest in people who have made big changes in their lives and really made an effort to discover new places, meet new people and as a result enrich their own lives with meaningful experiences. I knew I wanted to do that to.

I quit my job, got rid of my flat and moved out of the city. I’d taken a step back (or forward depending on how you look at it). I completed a photography course and started this blog. I hope to use photography as an excuse to talk to more people and to visit more places. The blog is a collection of stories about those people and places. A life library. I hope you enjoy reading.