Bumbling around Wiltshire

The carbon footprint conscious side of me hates me a little at the moment. I have been motoring around the countryside without a map discovering new places to stop off and take photos. I’ve really enjoyed randomly ambling, never knowing what will be around the next corner, what I will see next and whether or not I’ll be able to find my way back afterwards! In the glorious break between Christmas Day and New Years Day we’ve been lucky to have some snow and clear blue skies in the day. I’ve had the week off work. This provided a great opportunity to get out and about and capture Wiltshire in the winter time. Here’s how I got on! The tree bark above was incredible, nested on one of the largest trunks I have ever seen. The colours and detail in the bark were incredible. I haven’t needed to bring them out much, only raising the saturation slightly and sharpening the detail a little. It’s one of my favourite photos I have taken to date.

These fields were flooded overnight and provided a great opportunity to capture some reflections in the short winter sunset. The mud of the field was boggy and I almost got stuck. I have tried to border the giant tree in the middle with the mud at the bottom and telephone wire above. I love the rich colours of blue in the sky and water reflection.

This barn door really stood out to me. The cold metallic feel with the rust eating away at it. Living in Wiltshire means lots of agricultural equipment lying around. I enjoy the patterns the rust creates and character it gives the doors.

I’d never been to Castle Combe before but it’s a beautiful town nestled in a valley surrounded by forest. It has this river running through it and alongside it, these cottages, with chimneys puffing. I can’t decide whether I like this photo or not. Sometimes I look at it and enjoy it purely for the memory of when I was there taking it. I can remember the smells, temperature and mood of the occasion but I am not sure that translates.

I wondered down a pathway which led me into the gardens of this ginormous house, which I now know to be called Grittleton House. It was very peculiar, with the place feeling completely abandoned. There was nobody around and combined with the snow fall, it felt like an enchanted ruin, ready to be reawoken. The photo below is an area around the back, presumably for guests at receptions.I thought the ceiling was really interesting with the lightbulbs supplying a pleasing “old meets new” feel.

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