Skate park community

Skatepark Community

Along London’s south bank there’s a skate park below a large concrete walkway called the Undercroft. For years now the skate park has been in danger of being removed due to a new £120 million project to redevelop the Southbank Centre’s, already huge, footprint in this area. The space would be used to develop new retail units to service the popular tourist destination. That seems like a real shame to me – removing the skate park would remove a place to go for a large underground community of skaters, bmx riders and visual artists.

I took this photo on a very bright day in London using a telephoto lens. I couldn’t get any closer to this group as the skate park was between us, so my subjects were quite far away. This led to the image coming out quite soft so I had to sharpen it up in Affinity Photo. It’s come out okay but wish i’d taken more time on the day to capture the image in the best way possible. The group spotted me taking photos and some put their hoods up, others posed for the picture. I was really happy with the composition and content of the photo, one of my favourites from the days shooting.

If you want to find out more about the skatepark you can visit – this site belongs to non-profit organisation called Long Live Southbank who are dedicated to preserving the site in its current form.

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